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HIRING      THE         BAND


Use the Contact / Book page to get in touch and book the band.   


Fees available on request.

Factors that can affect the price will be;  Distance we need to travel, day of the week and time slot, amount of equipment and setup/takedown time, promotion/advertising requirements, and whether it is a free vs paid entry venue, etc!

For paid entry gigs, we will be happy to discuss either a fixed fee or revenue percentage split.

Please note that there is a premium for weddings because we have to arrive at the venue much earlier, and work around the wedding schedule for set up / take down which often adds a considerable amount of time to the day (for 4 people).  Note, for private parties and weddings, we require a signed contract and a deposit to secure the date.   Pub/club gigs can be paid in cash on the night, but still also require a signed contract for our joint protection.

We do also accommodate, whenever we can, requests to play (without charge, or a reduced fee) at charity and community events, so get in touch if you'd like us to perform at a local festival or other non-profit event.  We try to fit 1 or 2 of these per year in to our busy diary, so please do ask us early.

Important venue information

We will need a space at least 4m wide and 3m deep to perform comfortably.  We can squeeze in to smaller spaces (within reason) but might have to use a reduced lighting rig installation depending on the layout.  We will need at least two high quality grounded 240v standard 3 pin plug sockets.  Ideally, please provider two sockets on different circuits/fuses.  For outside events, appropriate flooring and cover must be provided to ensure all equipment remains dry.  We have a lot of equipment so must be able to park close to the venue, with good access.  If there is a charge for parking, this will be added to our fee.   WE USE STROBE LIGHTING AND SMOKE MACHINES, please be aware when booking.  If we are unable to use smoke, our lighting show will be limited.   We cannot disable strobes as our light show is pre programmed.   We do not accept bookings for venues where a sound limiter is installed.

Public Liability Insurance?

We have full public liability insurance covering up to £10m.  Before you book a band for your event, make sure they have insurance.  If they don't, and something goes wrong, it can be an expensive way to find out why this is so important.

Safe equipment?

All of our equipment is regularly PAT tested to ensure full compliance with UK Health & Safety law.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk!

Available for public and private events in any pub or club of ANY size.  We provide all necessary equipment.  For larger venues we can plug in to your PA or bring our own.  For small venues, we can squeeze in to the corner and keep the volume down.


We take care of everything, the only thing you'll need to think about is "wow, when can you guys come back!".

We might be a little more expensive than some pub bands, but we put on a 2.5+ hour show (with no break, we don't like to play split sets) with extensive lighting and equipment.   We are not your typical small pub band, we turn your venue in to Wembley !



Music can make or break a party.  DJs are great (well, some of them are!), but there is no substitute for the amazing atmosphere you generate with live musicians playing songs that people can jump around and sing along to whilst interacting with the band.

We will make your birthday, anniversary, retirement or any occasion be one that stands out for all the right reasons.

Rates are surprisingly reasonable - get in touch to discuss your requirements.


We know how important it is for everything at a wedding to be absolutely perfect.  


We will work closely with the venue to ensure an extremely professional high quality live music act which will blow the guests away! Figuratively not literally, unless you like it loud of course - we can turn things up as much or as little as you like!


We'll arrive early so nobody is worried about "why isn't the band here yet".  Book us and we guarantee it will be one less thing you have to worry about.


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